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The CANADIAN made Artisans Market HEARTS RIBFEST 2020

Canadian originality and craftsmanship



Our Canadian Made Artisan Market is a marketplace on the HEARTS Centre Ribfests festival grounds. The marketplace features Canadian-based artisans, artists and designers. We select our exhibitors based on  variety of products being sold. We will ensure that we do not allow duplicate vendors, thus providing  a  wide variety of products  to patrons attending the market and no  competition for sales amongst our vendors

How it works

First you must apply to be an exhibitor in our marketplace. If you are successful in your application you will receive your market contract by email. The contract will indicate the booth size and type for which you have been accepted.


Get your spot first and be in the prime position as 20,000 Ribfest fans descend on our market this summer!

10' x 10' booth - $300

10' x 15' booth - $500

10' x 20' booth  - $750

*Strathcona Rib fest includes an extra $50.00 charge for the additional day.

How can I apply to be an Exhibitor?

Just fill out the online application form at the top of the page. Once our team has had a chance to review it we will be in touch with you. 

What are the eligibility criteria to be an exhibitor?

We will allow any home made or manufactured items to be sold in the market. However we will not allow 

any vendors to sell the same items. 

What happens if I need to cancel participation in your show?

If you can no longer participate in our show and have not been contracted, your $200.00 deposit will be refunded. If you can no longer participate in our show and have been contracted for space, cancellation fees do apply. Please contact the appropriate show manager for further details.

How can I send my deposit? Will it be refunded if I'm not accepted?

A deposit in the sum of $100.00 per show can be sent via e-transfer to HEARTSYEG@gmail.ca, via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or by separate cheque(s) payable to HEARTS Thrift Centre. dated the day of your application submission. Your cheque(s) will only be cashed if you are contracted for space in the show(s) to which you have applied.

Your e-transfers or credit card payments will be refunded to you if you are not accepted.

I make natural body care or food products; can I apply?

We make available a limited number of booths for health and body care products, and gourmet packaged foods (on-site consumable foods are  permitted if you have  an AHS certified preparation area, food handling certificate etc).

How do you select your exhibitors?

Applicant must have a Canadian Made product. Our primary basis for acceptance is the quality, originality, and craftsmanship of the work to be sold. Acceptance is also based on booth display, product packaging, and product categories within each of our markets so that no one category is over-weighted.



Please submit a minimum of 3 high-resolution images in JPG or PNG format. Print quality resolution (300 dpi) is preferred. Screen quality photos (72 dpi) must be a minimum of 1080 pixels. The photos must be close-ups of individual pieces.  Note: If you are accepted into a market, these images will be used to promote you and your work on our website/social channels and may be used in our advertising campaign. There is direct correlation between the quality of the photos submitted and their chance of being used in our campaigns! 


Please submit a clear and recent photo or detailed diagram of your booth display. The professionalism of displays is a very important part of our acceptance criteria and a major consideration in booth placement within the show’s floor plan.

Statement of Production Process

Please include a brief description of how your products are produced.

What are the major steps in producing the products you plan on selling at the shows?

What techniques are used?

Please provide a label listing any ingredients use for the production of your product.

What happens if I am accepted to the market ?

If you are successful in your application, you will receive your show contract by email as well as any other required paperwork. Please read these documents carefully. The contract will indicate the booth size and type for which you have been accepted. We attempt to accommodate your original request, but this is not always possible, and an alternative size may be contracted.

The products that you are accepted to display and sell will also be indicated. Only the products that were submitted for jurying and indicated in the show contract will be allowed at the show.